Therapeutic effect girudoterapii composed of several factors : the reflex , mechanical and biological . First , leeches are usually placed so that they bite through the patient's skin only in the reflex points ( i.e. acupuncture points ) . Secondly , leeches performed purely mechanical effect on blood flow . This refers to the exhaustion of blood and blood long after the expiry of the bite wound . And third , leeches spew into the bloodstream its saliva that contains more than a hundred of various biologically active substances ( natural drugs ) , mild action which leads to the normalization of the human body. These substances include : hyaluronidase , hirudin , bdelliny , Eglin , destabilazny complex (natural liposome ), etc. In addition, the leech saliva also has an antibacterial effect .
Hyaluronidase - an enzyme that promotes splitting of the ground substance of connective tissue ( giluronovoy acid ) and the penetration of other biologically active substances into the host at nasasyvanii blood leech . Resolving action of hyaluronidase is of particular importance in the treatment of diseases involving scarring and adhesion process .

Destabilaza E cleaves lysine communication stabilized fibrin ( which is important for thrombus resorption ) and E - lysine links between different proteins ( this bonding noted in several pathological states , such as cataract lens ) .

Hirudin is a substance that slows blood clotting , has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects . It is also indispensable to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Eglin ( protease inhibitors) can reduce inflammation and tissue damage in such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis , gout , pulmonary emphysema , etc.

In addition to curing a particular disease , the leech has a beneficial effect on the whole body ( improved sleep , appetite, mood-altering normal metabolism and immunity) . To some extent , this is a consequence of the normalization of blood flow in tissues and increase blood oxygen saturation .
T O C A N A L I N I N I N E W E S P & I to A & M

Indications for treatment with leeches pathology of various body systems .
- Respiratory system :
bronchiectasis , pulmonary heart, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , bronchial asthma ;
Pickwick syndrome , severe pneumonia with respiratory failure ;
pulmonary embolism , heart attack , pneumonia ;
pulmonary tuberculosis with hemoptysis .
- Urine :
pyelonephritis with hypertensive syndrome , edema ;
renal insufficiency , chronic ;
cystitis .
- Musculoskeletal System :
spinal disorders with radicular syndrome ;
polyarthritis .
- Digestive System:
hemorrhoids , pancreatitis, hepatic congestion , cirrhosis with intrahepatic block;
cholecystitis and other acute inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity.
- Cardiovascular System:
hypertension , symptomatic hypertension;
local stagnation lymphostasis ;
coronary heart disease, angina, PIS , myocardial infarction;
blood vessels , inflammation ;
blood circulation , insufficient ;
diseases of the heart muscle ;
obliterating diseases of arteries ;
heart defects ;
thromboangiitis obliterans , arterial and venous thrombosis , thrombophlebitis , acute and chronic , recurrent thrombophlebitis;
trophic arterial and venous ulcers.
- Obstetrics and Gynecology :
inflammatory processes (endo - , peri -, para - metritis , adnexitis , inflammation of the appendages of tumors )
purulent- septic complications in the postpartum period , the pathology of the mammary glands ( infiltrates , any
forms of mastitis ) , pelvic vein thrombophlebitis , toxemia of pregnancy ( nephropathy , pre-eclampsia ) , menopause .
- Dermatology :
scleroderma , eczema , systemic lupus erythematosus, toksikodermiya , atopic dermatitis , psoriasis , erysipelas skin.
Treatment with leeches may carry bezaspiratsionnym by sites of involvement and away from them.
- Otolaryngology :
acute or chronic neuritis of the auditory nerve, even accompanied by tinnitus , and chronicity, acute otitis media,
diffuse lesion of the auditory canal , sinusitis, sinusitis , ethmoiditis .
- Ophthalmology :
inflammatory vascular tract and glaucoma.
Girudoterapiya shown in iritis , eye hemorrhage , degeneration setchastoy shell.
- Neuropathology :
various diseases of the central nervous system (atherosclerosis and thrombosis of cerebral vessels,
dynamic cerebral blood flow with transient loss of consciousness, stupor, stagnation and
swelling of the brain , stroke conditions , stunned , congestion and edema of the brain, Pre-stroke and post stroke
state with paralysis , hypertensive encephalopathy , eclampsia, injury and concussion, parkinsonism,
diseases of the peripheral nervous ststemy ( neuritis, neuralgia, spinal cord injury, facial nerve paralysis, sciatica )
migraine headache takes place when , as a rule , with the falling away of leeches , various diseases of the spinal cord.
Under the influence of leeches (once or exchange treatment ) or disappear completely relieved the symptoms of concussion
the brain ( without fracture , and shown in the cases of hematoma at the turn of the bones of the skull ) .
- Dentistry :
Leeches are used in treatment of some oral diseases (gingivitis , periodontitis , acute and
chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis, glossalgia ) .
- Surgery :
prevention of post-operative ( in different areas) infiltrates, post-operative blood clots , prevent
increased blood clotting in people to thrombosis (appointment of leeches in the preoperative period)
Deficit venous outflow of blood after microsurgical direct patchwork fabrics for closed
extensive deep defects after gunshot wounds , reconstructive surgery and inflammatory processes
( felon , boils, carbuncles , abscesses , erysipelas ) , pathological disorders of the venous system ( varicose
veins , and various forms of thrombophlebitis , trombangiit ) , elephantiasis of the lower limbs ( lymphostasis )
Contraindications to the use of leeches are the diseases associated with bleeding due to
reduced blood clotting , as well as hemolysis ( destruction of red blood cells with a process yield of hemoglobin
blood plasma ) , anemia , rapid exhaustion , low arterial blood pressure (hypotension )
pregnancy , hypersensitivity to leeches.
Weak pulse, is not a contraindication to treatment hirudotherapy.

In addition, the leech saliva activated in the HUMAN BODY COMPLEX REACTION THAT is usually contrasted with the aging process.