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Biofactory of medicinal leeches is a private enterprise Kytsay M.A., dealing with the cultivation and selling of leeches since 1999. The company is located in the capital of Galicia, Lvov, who managed to preserve its ancient appearance and soul for centuries. It is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of medical leeches in medical institutions, hospitals, pharmacies in all regions of Ukraine, Russia, CIS and Europe.
bred in artificial conditions
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Leech therapy is one of the most important methods of naturopathy , actively developing at the market of medical services. It is impossible not to see that with all the complexities and contradictions of the present stage of development, hirudotherapy is gradually gaining a deserved place in the practice of medicine and medical science. In 1990 the World Society of hirudotherapists was founded. The First World Congress on the use of leeches in medicine took place in 1991. In 1991 the first All-Union meeting on the issue of the use of medicinal leeches in health care was held in our country, and in 1992, according to the decision of the Moscow conference of hirudotherapists, the Russian Association of hirudotherapists was established, the purpose of which is the promotion of hirudotherapy and the widespread implementation of leech therapy methods in medical practice. Modern studies have shown that the leech should be considered as a single living , highly complex and unique nonspecific irritant in relation to the human body as a whole , not just the local way of mechanical removal of blood from the capillaries of the relevant "problematic " organs. Nowadays it is accepted that leeches is the only way of bloodletting at microcircular level as a system. It is here that the important for the body metabolism processes are going on: the delivery of nutrients to cells and tissues ( and excretion of toxins, wastes ) through the capillaries , arterioles, venules and lymphatic vessels. Scientist Chernukhin found that microcirculatory disorders are the basis of many tissues and organs damages, diseases and diseases of the body as a whole , not just the problem of one organ. At present, it is well determined that at the place of leech attachment microvessels dilate, and in remote areas ,they contract, allowing the outflow of blood from the deep lying organs. Complex influence of reflex , vascular and humoral mechanisms , morphological, and biochemical changes in the blood leads to the restoration of impaired physical set of adaptive responses of the organism to eliminate or minimize the impact of various external or internal environment factors. The consequence of leech therapy is restoration of its constancy ( homeostasis ), such as body temperature , blood pressure, blood glucose , and others, limiting or getting rid of human disease.