Transportation of leeches is carried out by any kind of transport, ensuring their prompt delivery to the consumer, packaging preservation and biological properties. At high and low temperatures, precautions should be taken: do not leave the parcel in the open air, do not place the leeches in areas with sharply odorous or toxic substances, and during loading and unloading do not throw the parcel. People who received a parcel with medical leeches should urgently get to a place of destination and immediately begin their recovery. For this purpose, a person working with medical leeches has to: - prepare a table with a plastic coating or cover it with a clean oilcloth; - wash his/her hands thoroughly with odorless soap - prepare three– or five-liter wide-neck jars, allowing to take leeches by his/her hands, half- filled Пиявкиwith dechlorinated water at room temperature, one can place about fifty, but not more than one hundred leeches in each of the prepared jars; - gently open , pour on the table peat mixture in small portions; - finger each mixture lump in order to select leeches and place them in a jar with water, peat should be swept away from the table. This procedure is carried out thoroughly because leeches ,rolled into a tight ball, may be overlooked and discarded; - after sorting out and placing leeches into the jars to drain the dark brown water from the peat through a clean gauze. Leeches, fallen on the gauze, are to be placed in another jar with clean water, the remains of peat mix have to be removed; - cover jars with leeches in clean water with dense and strong calico cloth, to tie the jars necks, without wrinkles, with a ring of rubber tubing or twine.