One of the biggest centers of modern artificial breeding of leeches today is the Center of the medicinal leech, Lvov. (PE biofactory Kytsay M.A.)
Our company is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, in which past and present are tightly interconnected - in Lvov . We are working successfully since 1999 in the production and sales of medical leeches, bred in artificial conditions. The quality of products is confirmed by the quality certificate issued by Lvov control and analytical laboratory of drugs and by a veterinary certificate . You can order high quality medical leech or receive additional information previously contacting by phone or writing to our e-mail. The orders are accepted the whole week from 7.00am till 11.00pm. We will try to provide you with quality products in the shortest possible time within 1-3 days in the way most convenient for you. When ordering, you can order the desired size of leeches in quantitative proportion. Biofactory is widely known for the quality of its products not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. For regular customers there are the most favorable working conditions – return of the dead leeches with the next order. Sale of medical leeches is made in compliance with all rules and regulations of medicinal drugs sale. The sale of leeches is also carried out through the trading network of pharmacies, which have cooperated with our company for many years. We invite for cooperation medical institutions, individuals, and all persons interested in the development and popularization of hirudotherapy.
Breeding leeches.
Leeches, bred in an artificially created condition , were not always used for medical treatment. It is just because the technology of breeding leeches in such conditions was developed only half a century ago. The inventors of this method considered their main objective the creation of conditions in which leeches would regularly breed , grow much faster and become capable of being used to treat patients. This method was described in 1955, in the book of G.G. Schegolev and M.S. Fedorov "The medical leech and its application":"Large , well-fed leeches , the so-called queens are placed in pairs in small pots with water. Mating lasts about a month. After mating, the females are placed in glass containers filled with peat , where they lay their cocoons . During this period, the room temperature is maintained high. By the time of maturation the cocoons are placed in water, where offsprings appear. At regular intervals, the leeches are fed with coagulated blood clots obtained from slaughterhouses. When, after several feedings they reach sufficient size , they are left on for a while without food , to make suitable for therapeutic purposes. In the intervals between feedings leeches located in glass jars are thoroughly washed with water. In result of all these operations, the period of leech growth is reduced to a year. "
The question as to whether the artificially grown medicinal leeches are inferior to those caught in natural waters, is debatable. It is hardly worth comparing the medicinal leech, grown in artificial conditions with the "wild" one because the purpose of their use is different. For the treatment, as you already know, you need to use only a leech that is grown in artificial conditions ( at the biofactory) . Artificial breeding of medicinal leeches has its indisputable advantages: significantly reduces the catching of wild leeches, guarantees the " purity" of the leech , that is, the absence of the various infections. Certified medical "natural healer» is a protection of the patient from AIDS and hepatitis, by which the animals may have been infected, which have become the last lunch for the wild leech. In 1984, this species was listed as endangered , and according to the decision of the International Committee for the Protection of species since 1997 the prohibition was issued on catching these animals from natural reservoirs for mass sale.